How to Cut Stickers in Silhouette Studio - Easiest & Quickest Way!

How to Cut Stickers in Silhouette Studio - Easiest & Quickest Way!

Did you know that you can cut stickers with your Silhouette cutting machine? Some may think of this as a one and done tool, only able to cut paper, card stock, and other flat materials. But in reality, there are so many ways to use the Silhouette to cut out stickers. In this blog post we’ll show you how to cut stickers from our printable stickers in just a few easy steps. Read on for all the details...

What You’ll Need

To make stickers with your Silhouette cutting machine, you’ll need the following materials.
  • Your Silhouette cutting machine (any model will work)
  • Cutting mat (required to use the machine, but you can use any size)
  • Sticker paper (you can use a variety of options)
  • Silhouette Studio (the free version works, but we recommend designer edition)
  • Cutting blade (comes with your cutting machine)
  • One of our printable sticker sets
  • Paper cutter (not required, but makes for handy sticker storage)

Know Your Settings

First, let’s talk about your settings. Sticker paper is very thin and delicate, so you need a slower speed when running the machine than you typically use. We recommend using a speed of 8; the force will vary between machines/blades and the age of the blade. We recommend you load your machine with a blank piece of sticker paper and try cutting out squares; tweak the force as you need to find the ideal depth to cut out the stickers. Make sure you save these settings to make it easier when cutting more stickers.

How to print the stickers

The next step is to print out the printable stickers you've bought! Our products come with a silhouette studio file; open up this file to start. I have found that I don't need to change the settings on these files to cut on either A4 or Letter, but I will show you how to just in case. Open up the page set up button like I've shown below. You can select paper and cutting mat sizes from this page. The cutting mat size is essential to check and ensure it's correct to the silhouette machine mat size. The registration marks window is also shown in the below image. I've created all our printable products so they don't need any changes if switching between A4 and letter.

Now, before you print, there is one final setting to check. This is the paper size setting, I've shown below how to access it. Make sure you go in and set up the paper size you will be printing on to ensure the whole page prints.

Cut Your Stickers

Once your sticker paper is printed and loaded into your machine, you want to head over to the send window in silhouette studio. Select the line option for cutting out stickers and select your settings. I like to name mine, so I know what to choose each time. The picture below shows the two settings, one for cutting out your stickers and the other for the edge. You don't need to cut the grey line if you don't want to. This makes for easier storage, but you can also cut it out by hand. Once your settings are complete, you're ready to press send to your machine!


As you can see, cutting out stickers is a piece of cake! You can use your machinse to cut out a variety of fun planner stickers from our shop and others. Stickers are a fun and easy way to get your message out there and show your personality.
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