Mystery FAQ

What is the mystery kit?
It is a monthly based subscription for a kit with multiple format options to pick from. The art isn't always exclusive but I try to make it as unique as possible.

Will I be able to preview the mystery kit?
Yes you will be able to, the marketing graphic shows sneaks of how it will look and our mystery email includes a link to see the full boxes.

What does the mystery kit contain?
The mystery kit has multiple kit options - 

  • weekly kit
  • white space kit
  • mini kit
  • b6 kit

All options are available in foil and non foil. They also come with a mystery add on sheet and a foil sampler.

When will the subscription ship?
The mystery subscription ships on the 1st/2nd of every month.

Can I purchase the mystery subscription with other products?
Yes you can! However it means your order won't ship until the 1st/2nd of each month when mystery subscriptions ship.

How do I subscribe?
To subscribe its a website exclusive, you must add mystery items only to your cart with no PR freebie. Then when checking out it will let you select to sign up as a subscription. 

Are spots limited?
No! Spots are unlimited!